Timber Ridge Wood Flooring

Our Timber Ridge line blends the finest of materials with a unique texture creating a truly living floor for active lifestyles. With our pre-catalyzed conversion varnish coating and the distinctive texture, the day-to-day stresses that are placed on a wood flooring's surface are minimalized to allow the fine character to show through.

Pictured below are a few samples of our Timber Ridge wood flooring. Other wood species are available upon request.

  • timberridgeash
  • timberridgeashdarkwalnut
  • timberridgeblackwalnut
  • timberridgecherry
  • timberridgedarkwalnut
  • timberridgehickory
  • timberridgelightwalnut
  • timberridgemaple
  • timberridgemediumwalnut
  • timberridgesoftmaple