Rough-Sawn Cabinetry

These cabinets look like original barn wood with all the convenience of a modern kitchen. Made with pine, they are tinted with your choice of either light or dark stain. You can tailor these to look western or woodsy with fantastic results.

  • red_barnwood_kitchen1
  • red_barnwood_kitchen2
  • red_barnwood_sink
  • rough_sawn_barnwood
  • rough_sawn_barwestern_theme
  • rough_sawn_base
  • rough_sawn_darkwalnut
  • rough_sawn_display
  • rough_sawn_glass_door_uppers
  • rough_sawn_kitchen1
  • rough_sawn_walnut
  • roughsawn_feb1
  • roughsawn_feb2
  • roughsawncabs_trfloors