How To Take Cabinet Measurements

  1. Room dimensions: (If your cabinets will be along only one or two walls in your room, you need only include the measurement of those walls.)
    a) Wall length and ceiling height in inches
  2. Floor thickness: Most new cabinets will nestle into flooring as opposed to sitting on top of it. To make sure your cabinets are the correct height, determine the thickness of your flooring. Not sure how to measure this? Contact us for guidelines.
  3. Windows: If your cabinets will be built along a wall that has windows, measure:
  4. a) From floor to bottom of window casing or trim.
    b) From edge of window casing or trim to center of window.
    c) From both corners of the wall to the closest outer edge of the window casing or trim.
    d) If you have multiple windows on one wall, measure the distance between the windows.

  5. Appliance sizes - if you're keeping your existing appliances:
    a) Refrigerator, oven, built-in microwave and stove top heights and widths vary. Measure the appliances and indicate where on the wall they will be placed.
    b) Dishwashers, trash compactors, built-in recycle bins generally fit under counter tops, but their widths may vary. Measure the width of these items and indicate where along the wall they fit.
  6. Appliance sizes - if you're getting new appliances:
    a) Most appliance dealers can supply "spec sheets" for customers that have exact measurements. Usually, spec sheets are available even before you new appliances are delivered to your to your home. Often, companies will have spec sheets available online.
  7. Measure sink widths. If you have a double bowl, please indicate this.
  8. If we are building a slip-in cabinet for you, send measurements of the rough opening.

Free Estimates

To obtain a free estimate, provide us a drawing or blueprint of your project. Not a handyperson? Don't worry! We're here to help! You can create a drawing using standard graph paper, or if you're technically savvy, you can create your own graph paper using Microsoft Excel. Use one square to represent 6 inches.

Submitting Your Drawings

One drawing, even if it's not perfect, is enough to help us develop a rough estimate. You can attach drawings and email them to us, or, if it is easier, you can mail them.

If you choose to proceed, we'll help you get accurate measurements. And don't worry about costly mistakes – we work with customers over the phone or Internet every day as they take measurements. We know how to make sure your measurements will be the first step in a successful project.

We Ship Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

We work with customers all over the United States and Canada. Once we have completed a job, we will ship it to your home. You have the option to stain, finish and install them yourself, or work with a local contractor.